We stand Firm, with Integrity, in our Commitment to Families

Elizabeth and Team were prompt, efficient, and went the extra mile to pack a 1,945 sq. ft. house for moving out of state. When needed she brought in more packers and on the last day when my mover was late by 6+ hours, Elizabeth and Mike came late in the afternoon and cleaned the entire home so that when the buyers did their walk-through the next morning the house looked in super shape. Ellen also did an outstanding job, driving a long distance to help each day with the packing. Ellen wrote the contents of each box and where it was to go when unloaded at its New York State destination. Kudos to everyone. I would hire them again! Nothing broke during transport due to the excellent quality of wrapping every item.


Phenomenal attention to detail. What a team of detailed workers from cleaning the inside and outside of your windows, to attention to all details of your floor .. the team cares about their work with love and compassion for the client and their cleaning! ​​ Thank you!!!

Dr. T. Fox

After the dust settled yesterday I walked around and really soaked in all your creative staging. You and Mike are our wonders! From the depths of my heart I appreciate you.

Sus Brody

Elizabeth was very understanding and kind. She is quiet and hard-working. She taught me a new method of gathering and sorting and I'm very grateful. She inspired me to do a lot myself. I will definitely hire her again if I feel overwhelmed with mess.

Steph D.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Elizabeth Waters and her team. Her packers, Betsi and Fish, worked well together with their different strengths: Betsi took meticulous and detailed care wrapping all my breakables, and Fish is truly a fast worker with the bigger things. But the key to what made this project a five-star success was Elizabeth herself. With her extensive experience working with seniors, and her art degree which gives her an eye for placing art during the unpacking practice (as well as knowing how to pack it safely in the beginning) this well-rounded business lady is a jewel. Her main focus, besides directing her team handling of my things, was to reassure and take care of me. I was somewhat of a nervous wreck going into the move as a whole, and Elizabeth kept listening carefully, reassuring me, helping to calm my nerves. When I needed some extra supplies, she was on it immediately. lastly, she is honest and fair. Her prices are absolutely reasonable and there were no hidden charges. I plan to both recommend her and use her again. AAA+++

Christa G.