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Do you need someone you can trust to assist your Mother or Father? Too many scam calls? Trust a professional to help you not to get scammed.

Turn to SASS Senior Advocate Specialty Services. We offer Senior Advocate services to help provide clients with a go-to defense system.

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Senior Care Advocates in South Florida

Senior Care Advocates in South Florida

Protect yourself or a loved one from scammers

Many seniors decide to sell their homes before they move, which often requires you to hire companies. Our Senior Advocates can be there to make sure the process goes smoothly. We will:

  • Communicate with contractors during the job and check their credentials.
  • Ensure services are high-quality, affordable and timely.
  • Defend our clients if they are being treated unfairly.
  • Testify on behalf of our clients in court as needed.

If any seniors in our care are taken advantage of, we'll make sure to right the wrong in no time.